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Something happened…

during my 3P route with Shitara Seiji and Konno Tamao.

I was trying to trigger their PvP condition, since I wanted Seiji’s 2nd confession ending.  So, I dated Seiji at the aquarium during my 3rd year Christmas day.

And Konno showed up at the meeting place.  I was….


sheet, I messed up!

Well, I turned it into a 3P date, so I guess that’s kind of avoiding the disastrous PvP battle.  But Konno seriously freaked me out, he just appeared out of nowhere!

Thank goodness I got another save file.  I’ll kick Konno out of my date with Seiji next time, kekekekekekekek….

*evil smirk*

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Seiji Text Message Translation

Well, I’m attempting this far from perfect translation using the only tool I have in my hand right now, my rusty Obenkyo apps.  Some of these are rechecked by my lecturer, he was studying in Japan a few years back and is quite fluent in Japanese.  Even so, mis-translation will always happen and I do find it helpful if you could give me a feedback if you found one.

While waiting for the actual translation project to appear, hope you can enjoy this. :)  These are from the TMGS 3 Premium, and I don’t know if Angel/Sweet Devil route will alter the messages, because I was attempting the Angel route for Seiji.

The first message should appear during spring of your third year and will keep appearing until before your graduation day.

Read more …

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